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Los Habaneros, A Cuban Streetdog Story, 2010-2015

While living in La Habana in the Spring of 2010, I struggled with a way to communicate to the world about the city I knew and loved.  I found my story in the lives of the Street Dogs of the city.  Happy, cared for, and treated as members of the community, the street dogs conveyed the same compassion and love of life that I saw all around me.  With the recent influx of tourists and normalization of relations with the United States, I feel compelled to share their stories before their way of life disappears.


Keeping the Coast, 2011

Kathy Phillips, the Assateague Coastkeeper, is the Executive Director of the Assateague Coastal Trust in Berlin, Maryland.  She works to protect the watershed of Assateague Island and the surrounding eastern shore.  Most of her time is spent making phone calls and driving or boating around the area looking for and monitoring activities that may harm the watershed.  She is well known int he area and serves as the voice for an ecosystem that cannot fight for itself.  Through her efforts, particularly against the poultry industroy, she has brought much needed attention to the harmful effects of organized poultry production.  In the meantime, she has made herself a hero to some and an enemy to others.


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